Wednesday, July 24, 2024

By the end of the year, 6 kindergartens will appear in New Moscow plans for investors truly grandiose. Indeed, in addition to preschool institutions that will be built this year, there is already a construction plan for next year. In 2018, investors will erect 13 more kindergartens, 7 schools and 3 clinics. Institutions that will be commissioned this year will be built in Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts. The good news was said the other day by Vladimir Zhilikin, head of the Department of Development of New Territories of the Capital. However, after the completion of construction measures, it is necessary to carefully prepare the premises for the reception of children, and the club of purity will provide invaluable assistance in this case, where detailed information about high -quality dry and humid cleaning, as well as the most effective and safe air purification systems. After all, young guys need to be in clean rooms with air conditioned air. It is also worth noting that almost all preschool institutions that investors build will be located in the territories of New Moscow. In modern residential complexes of this area, the need for new kindergartens does not exist. After all, preschool institutions built on the territory of New Moscow in recent months are half empty. Here are not parents looking for a place in kindergarten, but, on the contrary, kindergarten is intensely looking for parents. True, the Moscow Department does not call this situation negative, because construction occurs with the prospect of further settlement of the districts with new residents. The fact is that many Muscovites purchased apartments here, but so far they are in no hurry to settle down. After all, repairs in the apartment are by no means a simple matter. In addition, social infrastructure raises the prestige of the region. Surely, every year, kindergartens in this area will begin to be in great demand. Part of the funds for the construction of clinics, schools and kindergartens in the area will be allocated from the city budget

Chaly was nominated to the speakers of the Legislative Assembly in Sevastopol. As it has recently been known, the United Russia-Gero City Sevastopol is subject to the former “folk” mayor of the honorary chair of the head of the State Assembly. By the way, to nominate Alexei Chalogo to this position, it was decided as part of the conference of the United Russia party. At the moment, Alexei Chaly is the director of the city development agency in strategic terms. The candidacy of the chalogo of the chalogo United Russia Sevastopol wants to see the Legislative of the Jourie city as the speaker. Most of the delegates present put forward his person so that later he was entrusted with the chair of the head of the Legislative Assembly – the position of a very responsible and significant. After the vote, it turned out that 47 out of 59 delegates attended at this conference voted for the proposed candidate. About 12 votes, including, were given for the appointment of Ekaterina Altabaeva to this position, which is now: • the newly elected deputy; • Honorary teacher of the Russian language and Russian literature in one of the schools of the city of Sevastopol. The opinion of Sergei Chanipolo not so long ago, the Kremlin managed to reconcile Sergei Chanyilo and Alexei Chalogo. Chanelilo, who serves as the acting governor of the city of Sevastopol, was also present at this conference. He noted that he extremely hopes for a reasonable constructive dialogue between the two sides: • Legislative Assembly; • Executive power of Sevastopol. According to Chanipolo, these two cities complementing each other are obliged to find compromises and work, so to speak, in unison, and not as it could be observed earlier. In the old days, the Legislative Assembly was often self -destroyed and fenced off from the adoption of laws, which were not very popular, but extremely important for the state of the city

Athenian comments

The revolutionaryness inherent in us has recently manifested in the comments. As David Anacht commented at the time of Aristotle,...

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